End the phone power struggles!

This is a special learning experience for parents and teens to do together. Learn how to untangle messy habits of poor phone use and build better ones.

  • Start building positive phone habits, like better time management
  • Learn the single most effective way to stop procrastinating, wasting time and being interrupted by your phone
  • Shift how you use your phone to improve communication and connection in your family.

This course builds confidence that you can change. Celebrating progress together gets parent + teen feeling GOOD! 

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Tiny Habits coaching program feedback 

"I wish I'd known about this program years ago. It would have made a huge difference in my life."


"Kris was insightful, encouraging and supportive."



"Tiny Habits make the prospect of big changes do-able and fun."



"Kris provided personal feedback and helpful insights into how to consider habit formation."


About Your Coach

I have more than 25 years experience supporting people through change. Several years ago, I was introduced to Tiny Habits and saw how it was improving people's health. I then tested the method myself and with my boys, now ages 22 and 19, on some of the toughest challenges in our home--like phone and family communication habits. It really WAS that easy!

I am passionate about teaching this method because it can have an immediate impact, yet it's way more than a quick fix. When you know HOW to design for change, you can make lasting improvements in your life that have you FEELING good! 

I teach the method to anyone who wants to learn it, but my primary focus is supporting teens and their parents--the time in life when there's the most change.

-Kris Jennings

Tiny Habits Certified Coach

Let's do this together!

Get hands-on in building better phone habits with more than 50 recipes to try out in your life! You CAN do it!

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