Yes, you can!

Does the word "change" bring up feelings of failure for you? You're not alone. We've all tried something new and failed. But most of us don't know why.

Here's a clue: trying hard enough has nothing to do with it.

Join this free Tiny Habits 5-Day Program to finally crack the code. Learn how to build habits that help you reach your boldest goals!

Yes, you CAN change! And it's EASY!

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Tiny Habits 5-Day Program participant feedback 

"I wish I'd known about this program years ago rather than learning about it in retirement. It would have made a huge difference in my life."
"Tiny Habits make the prospect of big changes do-able and fun."



"Kris was insightful, encouraging and supportive."



"Kris provided personal feedback and helpful insights into how to consider habit formation."


About Your Coach

Over 25+ years, my work has supported more than a million people going through change. Several years ago, I was introduced to Tiny Habits and saw how it was improving people's health. I then tested the method myself and with my boys, ages 22 and 19. It really WAS that easy!

I am passionate about teaching this method because it can have an immediate impact, yet it's way more than a quick fix. When you know HOW to design for change, you can make meaningful and lasting improvements in your life. 

I teach the method to anyone who wants to learn it, but my primary focus is supporting teens and their parents--the time in life when there's the most change!

-Kris Jennings

Tiny Habits Certified Coach

Where can you be in 5 days?

The Tiny Habits method rewards curiosity. It brings playfulness and fun into change....which ultimately opens up a world of possibilities for growth.

Let's build together!